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The Tragedy of Arthur - New York Theatre Reveiew

"In The Tragedy of King Arthur, ...Guerrilla Shakespeare Company and Arthur Phillips have achieved the unthinkable."
-Aaron Grunfeld

The Tragedy of Arthur -

"The GSP, working with Phillips himself, has adapted the novel deftly..."
-PJ Grisar

The Tragedy of Arthur - NYC Stage Review

"...premiering in a production so dazzling it should make Jordan Reeves the hottest director in town."
-Beatrice Williams-Rude

Taming of the Shrew - Theatre Is Easy

"A spotlessly performed ensemble production of Shakespeare’s comedy by a leading off off Broadway theatre company." "Ingenious design" "Beautifully choreographed" "Ginger Eckert heads the cast as Katherine and delivers yet another riveting, energized, and engrossing performance."
-Joseph Samuel Wright

King John - Backstage

"The company of nine actors, under Jordan Reeves' inventive direction, gives the play a vibrant and muscular rendering."
- Ron Cohen

Taming of the Shrew - Jot and Quill

"And so, I say to you, this is a play worth seeing."
- Josina Reaves

King John - Show Business Weekly

"Ginger Eckert delivers an outstanding performance as Constance. Where many actors chew the scenery when Constance mourns Arthur’s capture, Eckert plays the scene with focus and restraint. Admirably, Reeves has directed his cast to consistently use a crisp, forward-driven style of speaking, and all the actors clearly communicate the meaning of Shakespeare’s lines."
- Alexander Harrington

King John - Theatre Is Easy

"If you, like me, are intrigued by seeing smart interpretations of a pretty beautiful text that is rarely produced, you will not be disappointed with the Guerrilla Shakespeare Project's King John."
- Zak Risinger

Two Noble Kinsmen - New York Times

"With this production of Kinsmen—a rarely staged play attributed to Shakespeare and John Fletcher—the Monachs completed their quest to see every full-length play in the Shakespeare canon..."
- Erik Piepenburg

Two Noble Kinsmen - Variety

"Guerrilla Shakespeare Project hasn't retooled the play or ironed out its eccentricities, but their whole cheerful production is bedecked with actors who speak the verse well and work modern comedy into the play's cracks. The whole thing is goofy and fun and pleasantly contemporary in a way that will hopefully pay off for the company."
- Sam Thielman

Two Noble Kinsmen - Backstage

"Director Diana Buirski and a dedicated company of nine actors take on that Shakespeare rarity The Two Noble Kinsmen with unbridled gusto. The production is studded with such inspired high jinks. Palamon and Arcite are played with zesty humor by Scott Raker and Jacques Roy...Kimiye Corwin brings appealing winsomeness and depth to the Athenian woman whose unrequited love for Palamon drives her mad..."
- Ron Cohen

Two Noble Kinsmen - Show Business Weekly

"The cast is blessed with oratory and comedic skills, and the production remains true to Shakespeare's language. The actors speak with ease, the prose rolling off their glib tongues. Filled with music, puns and just enough mixture of bitter tragedy and comedy, The Two Noble Kinsmen leaves you wondering just why it wasn't picked up sooner."
- Christina Ku

Two Noble Kinsmen - Theatre Is Easy

"If you like Shakespeare or want to add a rare gem to your own personal canon, get your butt to the west side of town and check out The Two Noble Kinsmen."
- Molly Marinik

Two Noble Kinsmen - Travalanche

"Mr. Roy’s performance is a special treat. Like a true Shakespearean, he is something of an acrobat, leaping and tumbling through the black box with seemingly effortless agility. At one point, he turns a one-armed cartwheel off an elevated platform – a feat which deserved applause…"
- Trav S.D.

Measure for Measure - Shakespeare Teacher

“For me to watch a show I’ve seen a dozen times and feel like I’m watching it for the first time is the greatest compliment I can give.”

Julius Caesar - The Village Voice

"There's much to admire in the Guerilla Shakespeare Project’s lean and hungry production of Julius Caesar. The script has been hewn to bone and sinew with a Roman-like efficiency, down to a tight, streamlined hour and 40 minutes. Shakespeare’s three dozen characters are merged into a very busy but solid seven. The three-quarter thrust staging is lively and kinetic, and the actors all make good sense of their speeches (which is rare enough in this reviewer’s experience). And the production (as are all those by this company) is gender-balanced, ceding half the traditionally male roles to women, with illuminating results."
- Trav S.D.

Julius Caesar - Time Out New York

The unique element of the Guerrilla Shakespeare Project’s production here is—get ready for this—a female Caesar. Played by the marvelous Kim Martin-Cotton...and Martin-Cotton is riveting. Capturing the zeitgeist even more, three oil barrels serve as scenery, referencing both the oil crisis at home and the oil war overseas. ...I jumped in my seat every time the cast, from hidden corners of the stage, shouted in protest as Roman citizens: Their angry, surround-sound sentiments jolted me to recognize that this is a furious Rome, reacting to how frivolously their corrupt government had signed lives away."
—Jesse North

Julius Caesar -

"The GSP's modus operandi is to distill Shakespeare to its most relevant and modern elements; you will see no mega-budget light show here. It's just you, the actors, and the story—and admittedly not the whole story, but the messages and themes in this particular piece that resonate most effectively with a modern (or post-modern for that matter) audience. Their DIY aesthetic is frankly nothing new in the NYC indie theatre scene, but the quality of this production definitely makes it a standout in the field. The GSP have a lot to be proud of with their NYC debut."
- Peter Schuyler

Julius Caesar - Curtain Up

"...We get to see an intriguing interpretation of the play. If you’re tired of male actors getting all the juicy roles in Shakespeare, miss this production at your own peril. "
- Donovan

Julius Caesar - New York Post

"An avant-garde version of "Julius Caesar" presented by the aptly named Guerrilla Shakespeare Project."
- Frank Scheck

Julius Caesar - Daily Times

"One would be hard pressed to find acting as natural — and fun — as this. ...where others may have fallen short, their fluent interpretation hit its mark."
- Jennifer A. Salcido