The Sonnets

This is what happens when you leave the Guerrillas alone in a recording studio.
With deepest affection for all our generous donors.

Jordan Reeves

Sonnet #1 Ode to Ann and Felix

Each odyssey’s in need of a first step,
A launch of boldness others may not take.
You have that bravery, yes, you have that pep
E’en though the path is not a piece of cake.

And so we turn to thee when we do fear
That our grand plans may easily fall flat.
You buffet us although you are not near.
We hear your cheers when we are up to bat.

We praise good Arthur, so we do praise thee
Who sent him into life with every tool.
Without good Ann and Felix where’d we be?
Well, surely in a place that’s far less cool.

When lights come up on GSP’s new play
We’ll all know that it’s you who made this day.


Sonnet 11 - Ode to Nicole

Let us sing now of patrons unexpected,
Of friends who live in lands now far away
Now telephoned, by email reached, or texted.
Though substance be remote, yet in our hearts they stay.

One such is the most generous Nicole,
Who, though the claims of family and of
Computer systems fill her days, we stole
A moment of her time for theatre's love.

Such constant friends are truly hard to find,
And seems mere words on paper, poems spoken,
Are recompense too meager in their kind
To counterweight your generous ways unbroken.

Yet words comprise our joy and study too,
So with these our beloved words: Thank You.


Sonnet 12 - Ode to Lea and Jerry

O blessed fonts, O sage parental guides
Of these Guerrillas' chief and leading force,
We sing thy praises, say now "bless thy hides"
Without thy son, our ship would lose its course.

Yet not alone the rearing of thy boy
Have we to thank, nay this was not enough -
Thy skills with needle and with thread bring joy
As we would else tread stages in the buff.

And last, but certain not the least, thy gift
More monetary in its nature's kind
Doth glad us well, doth make our hearts to lift,
Does send us out once more the play to find.

For all this: checks and sweat and son we do
From bottoms of our scruffy hearts thank you.


Sonnet 14 - Ode to Rebecca

Say all the theatre world's a flea market
And filled to burst with shining lustrous gear
Each company strives to catch you in their net,
Each shopkeep seems to cry "o'er here! o'er here!"

But as your journey winds along through stalls
Which hold things of great beauty and great age,
Your eye upon a scrof'lous bunch now falls;
Perhaps you think "now who unlocked their cage?"

And yet, your gen'rous nature does not shy,
But looks upon their cobbled wares and thinks
"They're tarnished, sure, but I'll some polish try,
And with my help they'll iron out the kinks."

Thus you our friend and patron we now call,
And for Rebecca give this show our all.


Sonnet 15 - Ode to Yuli

Like to a Vespa ridden through Phnom Penh,
The shepherding of newly minted Shakespeare
From brain to page to print, to brain again
And page, to finally on stage appear,

Is task all filled with danger and with thrill
Requiring a steady hand and nerves
Of steel to hew a path and 'void a spill
When sights all unexpected round the curves.

Among such sights a ragtag theatre band
Must surely be included, yet with grace
And princely generosity your hand
n'er wavered, nor the smile depart your face.

For help and kindness far beyond the call
Of duty we salute you one and all.


Sonnet 16 - Ode to John and Darley:

Now let us sing in praise of foundments deep,
Bedrock and stones with skill and loving care
Placed by wise architects with hope they keep
Aloft what structure others' dreams place there.

Such architects are you, whose walls and beams
Do underpin our every room and door
The GSP, and more, your thankful son it seems
Would be, sans you, a house without a floor.

Now, true it is that dangers do attend
Surrend'ring blueprints to another hand,
Intended Art Deco takes Craftsman bend -
What'ere the style though, many years 'twill stand.

We hope the edifice we raise be worthy
Your trust and care; for these, for all, we thank thee.


Jordan Kaplan

Sonnet 23 - Ode to Richard

We climb a mountain peak to meet our goals
We travel cross the globe, both far and wide,
Never to tire, with thee, our Doctor Scholls,
And ne’er to find us lost, with you our guide.

For we are that pure balanced piece of fish
That came from you, a sushi master skilled,
With helping us to gain our every wish,
And making sure we cover what’s been billed.

We dream that we could make an iPhone app
That all the world could download now for free.
They’d learn that you are quite an awesome chap,
And cheer for Richard, followed by, Yippee!

You are so wise and yes, so debonair.
We wish that we could take you everywhere.


Sonnet 25 - Ode to Marilyn

One can not be surprised that it’s the case
Your children eight have prospered far and wide,
Making the world a better Schwans-filled place,
For they, like us, are with your heart supplied.

As Mantuan apothecaries grant
Poisons that bring sweet peace to Romeos,
We find our Marilyn does blot out ‘can’t’,
You help us face the day, forget our woes.

Your gratitude wafts out like barbecue.
We know the ribs we eat will fill to full.
With you beside there’s nothing we can’t do,
You gave a push and now success we pull.

Macbeth could have used thee as good luck’s charm,
We know with your relief we’ll face no harm.


Sonnet 29 - Ode to Suzy

As gumbo’s best when made with darkest roux,
So can a theater today truly thrive
When blessed with benefactors just like you:
Munificence, the queen bee in our hive.

A chanteuse sings of gifts bestowed from one
Who feeds our souls with tales from richest book.
The final chapter ends, we stand and run
To tell all others of your beauty’s look.

So then, please know when sunbeams fall on us,
We feel the warmth and know it’s thanks to thee,
One, Suzy, who supports without a fuss,
Embrace the sun we do on bended knee.

We wish our thanks could live up to your gift,
That gave our upstart play a needed lift.


Sonnet 38 - Ode to Gina

In art sometimes we set our aim so high,
We yearn for beauty that can touch our souls.
And with your aid we’d deftly touch the sky,
You guarantee that we will reach our goals.

It’s easy to be brave when one so fair
Smiles down on us from her most precious throne.
For your good will does help us all to dare.
We hope our art has beauty like your own.

Do please accept our thanks though it won’t meet
The generosity that you’ve displayed.
If only we all lived on Gina Street,
Then all would know we truly had it made.

We hope you know that we appreciate
the gift that you’ve bestowed, it’s quite first rate.


Sonnet 50 - Ode to Randall and Mary

As the right captain makes a winning team,
So may an artist truly find success
When blessed with such as thee, who make us seem
Tres chic, a suit that makes us feel well dressed.

For Diet Coke will always mix with rum,
And we will ever thank thee for thy heart,
We thank with song most bold, or hushed hum,
Mary and Randall, you gave us a start.

As Cardinals nation knows, the final game
Can sort out if a season shall persist,
So we knew ne’er to doubt, retreat in shame,
For you’d be there with us, you get the gist.

As summer bleeds to fall, we grow more wise...
From whence did Pattie get her love for pies?


Tom Schwans

Sonnet 53 - Ode to Robin

Just like a chocolate on a pillow found,
Your gift arrived and filled our team with hope,
That we’d create anew, for one more round,
Not satisfied to stop or merely cope.

You came upon us like a warm spring day,
Or as a Robin singing up on high.
With your support we might, we truly may
Create some art that answers some big ‘Why?’

Refreshed by you, an iced tea on our lips,
We stand in awe, just taking in the Seine.
So much, by thee, is at our fingertips.
It is no more a how, but merely when.

For you have found for us a sweet reprieve
Knowing that you, so wise, in us believe.


Sonnet 77 - Ode to Lloyd & Rita

Your generosity came o’er us dear,
As Tuscan hills restore a poor eyes sight,
Or Tuscan vines can gird one safe from fear
And warm oneself ‘gainst dark and chilly nights.

Though some may claim that Jersey does not hold
Much offerings that people would find great,
We publicize that NJ should stand bold,
For there you two reside, O, lucky state.

Now thanks to you we have eternal spring,
And happy we to know that we will shine,
In syncopation let our thank yous ring,
To Lloyd and Rita, two oh so fine.

Our memory’s like a stately pachyderm,
We’ll ne’er forget, from thee, our joy is firm.


Sonnet 92 - Ode to Victoria

When we embarked on this fresh, lofty play,
We knew it’d never happen without help,
And luckily for us you saved the day,
You clearly do deserve five stars on Yelp.

To know that you, so fair, do have our back
Makes us stand tall, we’re filled to top with pride.
We have it all now,nothing we do lack.
Young GSP shall conquer far and wide.

Oh Hail Victoria, we shall proclaim
Whenever others stop to lend an ear.
Don’t be surprised by your new sudden fame,
We want the world to know, just so that’s clear.

In March when curtains rise we’ll think of thee
And that sweet thought will fill us all with glee.


Sonnet 98 - Ode to Tim

As summer's rays in Tuscany, such glow
We feel when we but bring into our minds
thy gifts unto the GSP. We know
A friend we've found, the rarest of all kinds.

For which but soul as large as yours could joy
A daughter's capture by Guerrilla thespians?
Ourselves we gratulated on our ploy,
Yet even ere a note of ransom could be penned,

Your gen'rous missives reached our hidden lair
And offered us kind words and wealth besides.
Such gifts do make us pinch ourselves and stare,
For well we know you could have tanned our hides.

Your kindness can't be bounded in a nutshell,
And so, sweet prince, for such we thank you well.


Sonnet 101 - Ode to Mitchell

When actors do have lines to memorize
It helps them to recall what makes them smile,
And so we all shall think of thee, most wise,
It is a tool we’ll use for quite awhile.

For without thee we might not have a play.
We’d just be sitting, drinking at the bar,
And Arthur’s story would not fill our day.
We really would be glum, well, there you are.

But why should we e’en contemplate thoughts sad?
For Mitchell’s at our side, we must rejoice!
Each element we’ve increased by a tad,
Our new play’s look and feel shall be most choice.

We hope the warmth we feel for thee is clear.
Please always know to GSP you’re dear.


Sonnet 164 - Ode to Lisa and Eric

What is there we can say about you two?
Your generosity, it knows no bounds.
For when we fall apart you are the glue,
Your selflessness, it really just astounds.

We risk and jump, for you’ve secured our floor.
When counsel’s craved you have some thoughts most wise,
And yet we know you’d happily do more.
If it’s our need, you’d force the sun to rise.

For Lisa your fair presence makes us smile,
And Eric for your laugh we praise our fate.
We hope that you might pause once in awhile
And notice that you both are pretty great.

To thee we’ll gladly raise a brimming glass.
If GSP’s a car, then you’re the gas.


Jacques Roy